Peer-review process

All manuscripts are critically reviewed by the editors, members of the editorial board, and/or peer reviewers according to their areas of expertise. Every manuscript received is circulated to three peer reviewers. Reviewers’ comments will be returned to the authors.

  • - The acceptance criteria for all manuscripts are based on the quality and originality of the research and its clinical and scientific significance. The table below shows the criteria for decisions :
  • Criteria 

    for decision



    with revisions


    and Resubmit


    90 - 100

    80 - 89

    70 - 79

    ≤ 69

  • - For the first round of review, if all three reviewers recommend “Acceptance,” the Editorial Office will confirm “Accepted” without a second round of review; if at least one of the reviewers has different review results, the author(s) is asked to revise for the second round of review (see below for more details).
  • - For the first round of review, based on the three reviewers’ comments, the Editorial Office’ decisions can be categorized as follows: Accepted, Accepted with Revisions, Revise-Resubmit, and Rejected.
  • - Upon submission of the revised manuscript, the second round of review starts. The Editorial Office’s final decisions for the second round can be categorized as follows: Accepted, Rejected.
  • - When the final revised manuscript is completely acceptable according to the KJPMHD format and criteria, it is scheduled for publication in the next available issue.

Submission of manuscript
  • - Manuscripts and application forms should be submitted on-line to KJPMHD via email ( or via the electronic submission system,
  • - Upon final acceptance for publication, submitting the written consent form for research ethics implies the following: All authors of a manuscript have agreed to its submission to KJPMHD and are responsible for the whole content, including literature citations and acknowledgments, and have agreed that the corresponding author has the authority to act on their behalf on all matters pertaining to submission, revision, and publication of the paper. See the specific form posted on the KCPMHD webpage.
  • - The "Checklist for Authors" provided helps to ensure that your submitted manuscript is not returned to you for incomplete content or formatting reasons.


Copyright policy

The copyright and transfer rights of the content of the published paper and journal is owned by the Korean Council of Physical, Multiple & Health Disabilities.


Fee for review and page charge

Fee for review

₩ 130,000 (per submission) 

Fee for publication

₩ 200,000 for general submissions

₩ 300,000 for submissions supported by research fund(s)

₩ 20,000 per page after 15 pages will be charged.